About Me

   Jersey City, NJ recording artist $eymore Dough is here to prove that bars are back in hip-hop. With some guidance from Grammy Award-winning engineer Cooper Anderson as well as Michael "Ezo" Gainous, $eymore's unique style is self-manifested. His meticulous writing and attention to detail, accompanied by his extensive vocabulary usage bombards and forces his unique stamp on the rap community, and rugged lyrical monster, combine to create the anomaly that is $eymore Dough.


   His writing style reaches into the gutter from which he was raised, molding his lyrics to manifest depictions of his struggles, trials, and tribulations that captures listeners and challenges them to take a trip through the many facets of his life. His emotionally influenced style allows his stage presence to resonate and mesmerize audiences, creating a life-changing and unforgettable experience for all in attendance.With the release of his debut mixtape titled "The Sewer" and second project "The Devil's Reject" his presence in the hip-hop community, as well as his own, is extremely evident. Social media, blogs, and websites, everywhere you look $eymore Dough is in the building. Like an epidemic, the phenom known as $eymore Dough is spreading across the city, state, and country, building huge amounts of momentum and growth with every song and performance. 




DoughNation Entertainment

Self-Proclaimed, Self-managed lyrical entertainer, song writer, and business owner. Ready to take Hip Hop to new heights. 


What U Mean (Remix) Offical  Video

Desert Storm Radio winning Freestyles

Seymore Dough
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